Prototype 2

Installment two in the thrilling, open-world action-adventure game series

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Prototype 2 is an adventure computer game that serves as a sequel to the first game in the series. The original game followed a character named Alex caught in a future world where an infection takes over his loved ones and later the entire world. The sequel introduces a new character named James. James lost his family to the same infection and blames Alex for what happened. As James, you travel through a world filled with infected people to find and kill Alex. From the moment the demo landed, fans complained that they didn't like James and didn't enjoy the story.

Even if you were a fan of Alex, you will still have fun playing this game. The harsh language, including multiple curses, will turn off some players, and those curse words make it clear that this isn't a game designed for kids or even preteens. Playing the game itself is difficult because of some common problems. If you have different programs running on your computer, or if you use USB devices at the same time, the game typically won't start. The game also suffers from a number of lags and runs so slow that some users will find themselves turning it off rather than continue. You may also find that the game crashes when you complete a mission.

If you can get beyond those flaws, you will find a fairly interesting little game. Each time that you uncover a new mission, the game makes it clear what you need to do. Even when you come across some villains or foes, the game will give you a quick reminder of which buttons to push and how to bring down those enemies. It also has an incredibly realistic look and feel that might just make you put down the controller to watch the game unfold for a few minutes. When you send James hurdling from one building to the next, you get a clear view of the drop to the ground, the lights twinkling in the windows of those buildings and even the infected on the streets below.

Some players might think that Prototype 2 doesn't bring anything new to the table, but this is a fun game that takes the original game and amps up the action. Playing as James, you get the chance to kill evil scientists, jump across rooftops and kill the infected nipping at your heels. Though some aren't happy that the game made the original hero into a villain, if you can get over that fact, you'll enjoy taking James on an amazing adventure that will eventually let you discover what happened to Alex after the events of the first game.


  • Stunningly realistic graphics and game play.
  • Offers moments that will remind you of the original game.
  • Fun and interesting powers expand on the capabilities of the original game.


  • Frequently crashes after completing missions.
  • Does not run when users have USB devices or certain programs running.
  • Slow running and lag times will frustrate most players.

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